Collection of recipes for juice fasting diet.
Fast Juice Diet-How to Lose Weight Fast

We are trying to lose weight by fasting juice. It is a healthy diet plan to lose weight. In addition, the juice diet way to detox your body. And will cleanse your body. Here's a recipe for free juice. Here's a fasting diet juice recipes for free. It is a juice that has benefit to people who want to be healthy.

Women who lose weight by dieting juice
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How to Lose Weight

How to Healthy Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight by dieting.

If you want to lose weight, please learn how to lose weight.Learn why you are overweight.
Then, learn how to secure slimming.

Why do many people get fat?

Changes in body weight is determined by the balance of energy. It is a hint to a successful diet. Learn about the mechanism of increase or decrease body weight.


Human relationship of energy consumption and weight loss

Energy for human consumption are classified into two. It is one of the basal metabolic energy.
The other one is the energy activity.

Basal Metabolic Energy

Energy for basal metabolism Energy for basal metabolism

Human consumes energy just alive.
Human energy is necessary to maintain life.
Minimal energy is used in basal metabolism.
We call it the basal metabolic energy.
Daily basal metabolism consumes energy.
Therefore, if you can improve basal metabolism,
It is the way of weight loss.


Activity Energy

Energy for activities Energy for activities

When people move the body, People consume energy. It is called the energy activity.

When people do vigorous exercise
People consume large amounts of energy.

People are consuming energy daily basal metabolic energy and activity.
When these energy consumption has increased,
You will head to the success of weight loss.


Energy Obtained from Food

People get energy by eating food.

Energy Intake

People get energy from food and drink. People get energy from food and drink.

Energy is required for human life.
People eat to get the energy.
People are getting energy by eating or drinking food.
If the energy obtained from food increases, you become obese.
The most important thing for you to succeed in the diet is to reduce the calories of the meal.
If we do not reduce the calories of the meal, we wasted any kind of weight loss method.
Our diet will fail.


If Your Weight does not Increase or Decrease

The amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy obtained from food is the same, the human body does not increase or decrease.

Energy intake = Energy consumption

In this case, weight does not increase or decrease.

If Your Weight does not Increase or Decrease


If You Gain Weight
(If You Become Obese)

If you have a large energy intake by eating and drinking,
The excess energy is stored as fat in the body.
If you continue to eat fatty foods, excess energy will be stored in the body rapidly. This is the cause of obesity.

Energy consumption < Energy intake

In this case, you will gain weight. You will become obese.

If You Gain Weight


If Your Weight is Reduced
(If You are able to Lose Weight)

If less energy intake than energy consumption,
People get their energy from fat and protein that accumulate in the body.
If this situation continues, the body fat is reduced.
As a result, you will lose weight.

Energy consumption > Energy intake

Energy that is stored in your body are consumed.
You will reduce body fat. You will be able to lose weight.
You succeeded in diet.

If Your Weight is Reduced


Way of Hhealthy Diet

1, Reduce Energy Intake.

Reducing the energy intake is the best way diet.

There are three types of food to energy. It is a protein and carbohydrate and fat.
Fat is the largest amount of energy in them.

Reducing the intake of fat is the most important issue. This diet plan is a real diet plan.
Please look into the diet of reality.

If you do not give up the fat, you wasted any dieting method.

It is important to reduce the fat energy.
What's more, it must be done in a healthy.

How about a way to healthy diet?

That's not the fat intake.
Please nutrients other than fat.
You can lose weight healthy.

You should eat vegetables and legumes, mushrooms, brown rice, seaweed, etc. mainly.
These foods are low in fat.
And those foods are rich in healthy nutrients.
Vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables and soy is a necessary nutrient in the diet.

Each morning, you should eat fast.
And drink vegetable juice.
Vegetable juices are rich in vitamins and minerals.
And vegetable juice has fewer calories.
This diet will lead to your weight loss.


2, Increase the Energy Consumption.

It is important to exercise in order to increase the energy consumption.
This is not a decisive factor of weight loss method. However, it will help a little in the diet,

Every day, keep a light exercise for about 30 minutes.
Walking and swimming, stretching would be good.

You can consume energy during exercise.
With it, you can build muscle by exercise.
If you are increasing the muscle mass, you will increase the energy consumed by the basal metabolism.

Please maintain a healthy muscle.
If we increase the energy consumption in the body,
It has the effect of weight loss.
You can lose weight by dieting.

However, how to lose weight by exercise is ancillary.
You can not succeed in this weight loss diet alone method.

You will be able to consume energy in motion, such as walking or swimming.
However, humans can work with less energy.
Yes, the human body is a very eco.
Normal human body is good fuel economy.
When you eat fatty foods, you will not be able to use up their energy.

Get Healthy and Lose Weight
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