Collection of recipes for juice fasting diet.
Fast Juice Diet-How to Lose Weight Fast

We are trying to lose weight by fasting juice. It is a healthy diet plan to lose weight. In addition, the juice diet way to detox your body. And will cleanse your body. Here's a recipe for free juice. Here's a fasting diet juice recipes for free. It is a juice that has benefit to people who want to be healthy.

Women who lose weight by dieting juice
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How to Fast Juice Diet

Juice fasting is a diet plan for obese people.
Do not need people who are thin.

If you want to lose weight, you should try to juice fasting.

How to Fast Juice Diet

  1. Every morning, drink the vegetable juice.
  2. Eat lunch and dinner.
  3. Eat foods that contain the nutrients necessary for metabolism.
  4. Do not eat fatty foods often.
  5. Eat vegetables and legumes, and brown rice.
  6. Do not eat too much.
  7. Do not go to bed within 3 hours after a meal.


1, Every morning, please fasting meal. And drink vegetable juice.

Vegetable juice is a healthy low-calorie food.
And vegetable juice contains many vitamins and minerals.
Vitamins and minerals they become enzyme required for energy metabolism.

You can while intake of vitamins and dietary fiber, water, refrain calories.
It is important that you continue to juice fasting diet plan.
As a result, you can lose weight.

When you continue the way this diet, you will succeed in the diet.


2, You will always eat lunch and dinner.

When you become overly hungry by fasting,
After that, you will be hard to lose weight.
Therefore, you may temporarily lose weight by excessive dieting.
However, you will return to the original body weight immediately.
Do you have never had an experience like that?

At this time, your body prepare for the famine.
And your body is working to store fat.
Then, you will fail to diet.

Juice fasting diet plan does not make excessive fasting.
Drink juice instead of a meal.
You will not be starved by drinking vegetable juice.
Therefore, you will not change in body fat easily.
It is important to a successful diet.


3, You eat foods that contain the nutrients necessary for metabolism.

You must eat foods containing vitamin necessary for the metabolism of the body to burn fat.

Their nutrition is required in the diet.
When these vitamins is insufficient, it is difficult to lose weight.

Thou consume the nutrients needed for metabolism from the low-calorie food.
It is important for weight loss.


Nutrients Needed for Metabolism

Metabolism of sugar
Vitamin B1

Metabolism of fat
Vitamin B2

Metabolism of protein
Vitamin B6


4, Do not eat foods rich in fat and sugar.

Do not eat too much food containing a large amount of fat.

If you eat meat, such as beef and chicken and pork and sheep, you eat only low fat meat.
Fat of fish is good for the health.
Fish is a healthy food.
Do not eat too much food that contains large amounts of sugar.

People feel delicious foods that contain large amounts of sweet and fat.
However, sweet and fatty foods are the worst for the diet.


5, Eat your vegetables, beans, and brown rice.

Vegetables, beans and brown rice has a high-quality vitamins.
Moreover, those foods are low in fat.
Their food is the perfect diet food.

Vegetables, beans and brown rice has a high-quality vitamins and minerals.
Eat these foods.
As a result, you will be guided to the diet.

During the meal, please start eating your vegetables first.
When you eat vegetables first, you can eliminate the feeling of hunger.
Then, eat meat and fish.
You will be able to reduce the intake of high-calorie meat.
In addition, dietary fiber contained in vegetables is effective to inhibit the absorption of fat


6 Do not eat too much.

When overeating, you can not lose weight diet in any way.

Eat slowly.
Then, you can reduce the food intake.
Please control the amount you eat.
It is important for the diet.


7,Do not sleep immediately after eating.

Do not sleep immediately after eating. When I sleep immediately after eating,
Energy of the food you eat are absorbed into the body of your all.
And, it is stored as fat in your body.
It leads you to obesity.
Please refrain from eating between 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.
Most easy to gain weight during that time.



Vegetable Juice Diet and Nutrients

Eat foods that contain the nutrients required in the diet. Then, reduce weight and healthy.


Nutrients with Benefits to the Diet


Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid,Vitamin B12,

These vitamins are required for metabolism.
It is a material change to energy carbohydrate, fat and protein.


Magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium

These minerals are used in metabolism.
It is the material of the enzyme.

Seaweed vegetables, beans, mushrooms and contains important vitamins and minerals for the body.
Let's get these nutrients from food.

Get Healthy and Lose Weight
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